Ophthalmology residents

Vantage Plus Keeler has been manufacturing high quality ophthalmic equipment for over 80 years. Our products are manufactured in Windsor, England and our U.S. headquarters are in Malvern, Pennsylvania, right outside of Philadelphia.

We service ophthalmic residency programs throughout the United States and are fortunate to have local institutions such as Wills Eye Hospital and Scheie Eye Institute lend valuable insight into new product development.

Choosing Your binocular indirect ophthalmoscope
Since 1957, when we introduced the Fison, our first binocular indirect ophthalmoscope, Keeler has developed a reputation as the innovator in the development and manufacture of indirect ophthalmoscopes. 2003 was no exception and saw the introduction of the first Keeler "wireless" indirect ophthalmoscopes available on our All Pupil or Vantage models. Going wireless gives you the freedom to move from room to room without any constraints – no more wires, cords, tangles, just a lightweight, well balanced, comfortable indirect ophthalmoscope.

When you choose a Keeler indirect ophthalmoscope you are guaranteed the following benefits in all of our instruments as standard.

Clear, sharp images – enclosed KeeView OpticsTM
All Keeler indirect optics are specially coated and individually laser aligned to provide the sharpest clearest images every time you use your indirect, time after time, after time.

Comfort and balance
Lightweight materials are used throughout the design of each unit; combined with soft cushioning and a non slip contoured shaped headband to maximise comfort and balance. These features will be particularly appreciated during long examinations.

Easy fit push in/pull out bulbs
Keeler indirects have been designed to ensure optimal performance. Bulbs are easily accessible and quick to change. During diagnostic procedures, if your bulb should blow, our quick fit design ensures you won't be without it for very long.

Adjustable brilliant illumination
Why have all of the controls on the wall when the instrument is on your head. On All Pupil and Vantage the illumination rheostat is located on the headband providing easily accessible fully controllable light.

Keeler indirects have the brightest illumination that can be turned down to as low as 2% of maximum required.

Wide angle diffuser
The Keeler wide angle diffuser eliminates shadows on the edge of the condensing lens expanding the field of view significantly, which is particularly useful during difficult and peripheral examinations. There is also less discomfort for the patient because the light is softer.

Keeler resident warranty
All Keeler instruments are unconditionally warranted for as long as you are a resident – even if you drop it! Simply return your instrument to us and we will repair or replace it at Keeler's discretion. Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Loaner instruments, bulbs and all accessories are available throughout the year.

If you are returning a product for service our team of technicians are here to help. With over 10,000 square feet of space in our Malvern location our turn-around time is the same day.

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